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Slow delivery but very nice food

Chloe, 10 May 2021

Qhere is my food.. its been cooking for over 70mins ans should be here and its not even on route yet. Im not happy.

Debbie, 08 May 2021


Terri, 08 May 2021

Great pizza shop

Kim, 06 May 2021

It is kind of good

Ashton, 01 May 2021

It is kind of good

Ashton, 01 May 2021

I thought I’d ordered and paid for pizza Roma in Preston. I’m sure it would have been very nice. Hope the staff enjoy!

April Fitzhugh, 01 May 2021

Brilliant service every week. Lovely food thank you.

Karen, 01 May 2021

I order from Pizza Roma all the time. Tonight, I was not Happy with the quality of the food. I waited 1 hour & 40 minutes for the food to arrive even though the shop is 3 minute drive... would of been easier to pick it up myself. I phoned Pizza Roma after 1 hour and 15minutes to be told it will be the next one to leave the shop. When we did get our food the chips, pizzas, kebab all were absolutely freezing and the Kebab meat which we paid for a Large kebab had barely any Meat in the box. I’m not happy at all! Waisted £18!!! Never again will I order from here.

Paul, 29 Apr 2021


Steven, 24 Apr 2021

lying on every call

Steven, 24 Apr 2021

no it hasn’t

Steven, 24 Apr 2021

Was told the food would be 50 minutes after 80 mins I rang to ask how long it would be, girl on the phone said ‘it’s not my problem’. I asked to speak to manager who just kept saying how busy they were and when I tried to explain that I understood but wanted an eta on my food, he would not listen. We order regularly from pizza Roma and have never had issues until tonight. Rudeness is never acceptable. Lateness can be excused with an apology but did not receive this and will not accept this rudeness from staff however busy they are. Disgusting. Delivery driver was very apologetic for the rude customer service but it doesn’t make up for it

Kevin, 23 Apr 2021

Always courteous

Karen, 23 Apr 2021

I dont usually leave a negative feedback for here but tonight took an hour and a quarter for delivery and pizza just say warm, very disappointing

Wendy, 22 Apr 2021

Nice pizza and awesome kebabs.

Lee, 20 Apr 2021

Very good

Karl, 19 Apr 2021

Online payment didn't work so will have to pay cash

Michael, 18 Apr 2021

55 min estimate for delivery, almost 2 hours later it arrived. Rang after 1hr 30 it hadn't even left the shop, got told it would be 1st out. 20 mins later still nothing, rang back to say it was leaving then and would be 5 mins. Food been sat for over 20 mins waiting? Food was OK but not worth the wait. Very disappointed.

Kristy, 17 Apr 2021

Like the additional menu item 'Pepperoni on top'

Yvonne, 15 Apr 2021

Always spot on when collecting food.

Susan, 14 Apr 2021

Cheese Burger was nice, the rest wasn't so, £4.70 for a Large Kebab? More like a small one! The prices you charge is rediculus.

Chris, 12 Apr 2021

Food is decent but always late by excessive time periods. Going to stop ordering if it's late again

Tristan, 11 Apr 2021

Great service . Speedy delivery . Great staff . Lovely food . Only pizza shop I would order from

Gill Welsh, 10 Apr 2021

Love this pizza shop . Great staff fab service . Fab food

Gill Welsh, 10 Apr 2021

Exactly how food should be nice & fresh

Vicky, 07 Apr 2021